. . . David and Jean are happily enjoying their retirement years at home and abroad, frequenting their favourite holiday destination, Portugal, on a regular basis.

They have worked hard to amass their family net worth to provide sufficient income to cover all outgoings. As time passes, their thoughts have been moving to preserving wealth for their family’s future benefit.

Our BlueSky meetings helped the couple identify a number of concerns which included preserving their wealth against inflation; default risk; investment risk; long term care costs; and inheritance tax.

They were keen to leave a cash lump sum to a local Cancer Hospice and to establish a family Trust which would help secure their grown up family’s future and finance grandkids' school and university fees.

The good news was that all of this is possible with professional Wealth and Trust planning advice from BlueSky Independent Wealth Managers. We plan to establish and implement various elements of the “financial plan of action” over a number of years utilising allowances and Trust planning.

Added to all the above, as David is the “head of family finances” and Jean less experienced or comfortable with financial matters, an integral element of our Wealth Planning relationship is continued support and liaison with surviving spouses, family members, power of attorneys, executors, trustees, solicitors and accountants as and when required.

Our aim is to take the financial strains away from family members allowing them to focus on the important things in life whilst having the confidence and peace of mind knowing that they have trusted professionals on their side.