. . . Everyone dreams of a comfortable retirement. Steve and Jan have worked hard over the past 25 years and are now approaching their goal of financial freedom. 

Having accumulated solid pension provisions through Employer-based pension schemes, Steve and Jan could continue to work hard for the next 7 years before accessing their respective scheme benefits.  

Instead, they have decided to take early retirement and follow their dreams of travelling and spending more quality time with their grandkids. They can do this with confidence of having a solid financial plan which the cash flow model plan provides.

By taking advantage of the Pension Freedoms Act 2015, Steve exchanged the benefits of a Final Salary scheme for flexi access to his fund value and the ability to drawdown more than sufficient income and tax free cash to fund their travel plans.

BlueSky Wealth were able to advise and implement the transfer and subsequent drawdown of the funds after in-depth analysis of his Final Salary Scheme benefits and detailed cash flow analysis of their future income needs both as a couple and as individuals.

Our ongoing future planning meetings will help ensure the couple's plans stay on track now and in the years ahead, so they can enjoy the extra babysitting duties and of course the travel . . . when they have the time that is!