. . . Like many business owners, with a hands-on approach to work, Gary is more likely to be hands on with day-to-day customer needs than focusing on keeping his financial plan of action on track.

Having worked incredibly hard to build his business, Gary was first to admit that both his personal and business financial matters had been somewhat neglected over recent years. A discussion with his Chartered Accountant prompted a change of direction and, within a few meetings with BlueSky, he had a clear and tangible plan of action. 

Our discussions helped unearth what was important to Gary and his wife Emily over the short, medium and longer term.  We advised on how to draw profits from the business in the most tax efficient manner, whilst establishing an investment vehicle which would enable Gary to purchase his current commercial premises to provide him with the security and peace of mind of where his business would operate from for the foreseeable future.

Our Cash Flow analysis helped identify just how crucial Gary’s hands on approach was to the continued success, and existence, of his business but also his family’s financial well-being. We therefore put in place a few simple solutions to ensure that in the event of ill-health, serious illness, or death, that his family were financially secure and would benefit from his years of hard work and dedication.

Before too long his newly found financial confidence took another big step forward. BlueSky helped Gary secure the funds necessary to purchase new premises and working capital to take on extra staff, resulting in an upturn in sales and profits. This allowed him to spend more time on strategic business planning and, of course, time with his family.

We will continue to liaise with Gary and his accountancy firm to help him maximise returns from his hard work and stay on track to securing his family’s financial security.