The Six Steps of Financial Planning.

Let us walk you through a simple, effective six step process in order to set you on the path to achieving your goals.

step 1 - Engagement

The first step involves us taking the time to sit down with you and gain an understanding of what you want from life and why. By starting with listening, we make sure that you lead the process and we facilitate.

step 2- Discovery

We will work together to discover your aims and objectives, your dreams and your fears, combined with information on you current income and outgoings, assets and liabilities, this will help us formulate a visual and tangible financial plan of action which we can all fully engage with. 


step 3- Research & Analysis

Taking into account everything we've learned from the first two stages, we'll now embark on the "technical stuff": an in-depth analysis of your situation.

It is at this stage that we can begin to identify and bring together the different ways in which we can take the first steps towards your financial freedom.

step 4- Present Recommendations

Once we have fully exhausted all of the possibilities, we will then present a "no jargon"  plan for your financial future formed around the goals and aspirations you laid out for us in Step 1.  Throughout our discussions the plan can evolve, until a point in time that we are all comfortable and focused on the agreed course of actions.


This stage is all about putting the initial stages of the plan of action into place, our dedicated staff's focus is to "make it happen" in a timely and efficient manner, keeping you informed throughout. We will liaise with the carefully selected Partners on your behalf and ensure everything is established to our high standards and your complete satisfaction.


The last step in the process but one which probably has the greatest importance. We will take stock of what's happened since implementation of the plan and where are we now.  We then have a greater focus on the future planning steps which we need to take in order to get, and keep, your plan on track. 

With so many variables, changes in your personal circumstances and objectives, amendments to legislation and taxation, investment performance and tolerance for risk, our aim is to personalise our future review plans to the level that meets your needs.

Cash Flow Modelling



No matter your profession or financial background, our aim is that the moment you and your loved ones finalise the "family plan of action" you will instantly feel the benefit.

To build a great cash flow model, we obtain a full understanding of your current position: your lifestyle costs, planned expenditure, assets and liabilities. Assessing this position against your goals, we identify simple questions like; 

  • Why do we continue to work ?
  • When will we have enough money ?
  • What happens if ?

And these are just a few examples of questions which we can help you answer.

Through our discussions we will unearth what's really important to you and provide a visual and tangible plan which you can fully embrace and engage with. 

Now you have the plan, we will work closely with you to ensure matters stay on track.  Time after time our clients state that this is the most enjoyable and beneficial financial chat they will ever have.

This is why we do what we do !

Your BlueSky Wealth Cash Flow "Plan of Action" will help keep you on track to achieving your lifetime

Your BlueSky Wealth Cash Flow "Plan of Action" will help keep you on track to achieving your lifetime


Our methods are tried and tested and our clients trust us to deliver the best solutions to their needs. Continue to find out how we can deliver for you, whether you are a business, accountant or solicitor, or an individual.