For Individuals & Families


THE YOUNG Professional

Having worked hard to enter into your chosen profession, we will guide you to ensure you have the right financial foundations in place.  High on your list of priorities are likely to be a property purchase, protecting your income and lifestyle, whilst understanding the various Pension options. 

With the knowledge that you have an experienced and trust worthy adviser on side, you are free to focus on establishing your career.

Balancing work & Family

Now that you are established on a career path, it is often difficult to get the balance right between work and family.  Our "family financial plan" will bring clarity on what's required to achieve your goals and objectives, ensuring you stay on track to achieve the financial independence you desire. 

Getting to a debt free position, providing for kids education fees, maximising tax efficiency and earning capacity are often key drivers during our Ongoing Planning meetings.


Approaching Financial Independence

Thoughts are now turning to enjoying more time travelling and enjoying more quality time with family and loved ones. This requires peace of mind and the knowledge that we "have enough" to thrive financially, now and in the future. Financial independence is all about having the resources available at a time of your choosing. 

We will maintain a clear plan and understanding of your needs, to enable you to focus on the important things in life moving forward.

Preserving our Wealth & Legacy

During what is often referred to as the 'optimum spending years,' travelling and enjoying your retirement, we will move towards preserving your wealth against inflation, risk and taxation.

We will work in partnership with you, your family and other professionals and aim to ensure your legacy is protected, primarily for your continued use and secondly for the eventually benefit of your family and chosen beneficiaries. 

Our estate liaison service will help assist in later years and our aim is to ensure that your wishes are respected at all times, whilst providing support and guidance to family as and when required.

‘Not all Estate Planning solutions are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority’, ‘Any tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client


For Accountants and Solicitors


Your reputation

Establishing yourself as a professional, competent firm can take many years of hard work and so it matters that your professional partners provide you with the best possible financial advice that can you pass on to your clients with confidence.

We have a desire to help build a collaborative approach to our professions ensuring that the best client outcome is the focus throughout.


In BlueSky Wealth you can be reassured that you have a trusted partner, one which places ethical and technical excellence at the heart of every action we take.

Being small in stature we have built a network of trusted professional and specialists whom we can call on for assistance or third opinions if or when required.  This helps us to maintain a personal and boutique feel to our company. 


customer service

Working with us, you can be ensured of a personal approach to your financial planning and wealth management needs. Our approach is fully independent, unbiased and trustworthy.  

We fully embrace our 24 hr service promise where all enquiries and communications will be acknowledged or settled with one working day. You will not have to chase us; that's a promise!

Company to company

We work hard to ensure that coming to us on behalf of your clients doesn't feel like a chore, or like engaging with an unnecessary middle-man. You need us to be reliable and trustworthy and to deliver within time-scales.

We can and will do this for you.

Now that's refreshing!



For Business Owners


Busy building your business? let BlueSky Wealth be your very own financial directors...

We fully understand just how time consuming running a profitable business is. That is why our aim is to work collaboratively with you and your accountant to ensure that you have a clear and concise plan of action. 

From start-up businesses right through to sale or retirement, our aim is to minimise taxation and maximise returns, working within predetermined parameters and objectives.

Let us take the stress and work load from you so that you can focus on your business, safe in the knowledge you have a trusted partner working on your behalf. 

Our range of service include proactive tax efficiency advice, corporate investing, simplifying the Pension world, Business protection to commercial and asset financing and various business insurance needs.

We will work in a collaborative manner and we aim to take the stress out of your personal and business financial needs to allow you to continue to focus on your business needs and thrive.


Case Studies

In the fields of wealth management and financial planning, there are any number of things we can help you achieve. Whatever your reasons for seeking the help of our financial planners, we will work through your needs to find a solution that works for you.

Approaching financial independence . . .

Approaching financial independence . . .

Case Study 1

Everyone dreams of a comfortable retirement, Steve and Jan have worked hard over the past 30 years and now approaching their goal of financial freedom.

My business is "my Life" . . .

My business is "my Life" . . .

case study 2

Like many business owners, with a hands on approach to work, Gary is more likely to be hands on with day to day customer needs than focusing on keeping his financial plan of action on track.

Balancing our needs and what legacy we would like to leave behind . . .

Balancing our needs and what legacy we would like to leave behind . . .

case study 3

David and Jean are happily enjoying their retirement years at home and abroad.... frequenting their favourite holiday destination of Portugal on a regular basis.

They have worked hard to amass there family net worth and have more than sufficient income to cover all outgoings.

We can deliver for you whether you are an individual, an organisation, or a professional in a related field. The last step is getting in touch with us and to make a plan to achieve your goals.